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2020.02.20 16:32 The-Mathman HELP ME BACKPACKERS!!! SE Asia

Dear Redditors,
I (M/22) am planning to visit SE Asia in September for three months. I come from Germany and I just graduated. My budget is 3500 euros (3800 dollars) exl flight. I don't want to plan much, and go with the flow. The countries that I want to visit are: Thailand, Indonesia, Malesia, Vietnam and Laos. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with backpacking and I have never travelled solo. However, I am trying to create a picture of my trip, but it has been a hell. I have sooooo many questions...
First of all, where do I land and where do I return? Geographically, I can start in Jakarta and make my way up north to Malesia and end in Hanoi, is that a smart move? It is a fair distance with a fixed date, and I am worrying that I will be stressed because is so far apart. Is it maybe better to land in Bangkok because of the rich backpacking community which I probably need? In that case, where do I return?
Can I get in a country with no return flight of that country? I am afraid that I may have some problems with only a ticket into the country. What are your experiences with this? I actually don't even want to book a return ticket but I think I will have problems getting inside countries.
What are some of the mistakes you made? Things that you probably do different? Of course, mistakes are part of the process however, are there things you advice and I don't mean the standard things (taking to much shit, planning/ booking to soon) I've red these things a thousand times ;)
Should I buy a credit card or can I get around a maestro card in the countries. I know that in less popular places there will be no maestro card possibilities, but if I know I'm going there, I could pin some money beforehand. Do you still recommend a credit card?
Thank you guys, I LOVE YOU!
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2019.03.19 12:56 Frogad Plot a line graph with counts on the Y axis

I have data in this format:
id family publication date_created DataforLag_publication_year_note publication_year distribution 1 795591-1 Zingiberaceae Monandr. Pl. Scitam. 2017-12-07 13/01/1900 1827 Liberia (West Tropical Africa, Africa) 2 77195648-1 Myrtaceae Telopea 2019-03-15 17/01/1900 2015 Sabah (Borneo, Malesia, Asia-Tropical) locality reference_remarks datepublished lag yearcreated doy 1 “Melegueta Coastâ€\u009d 1900-01-13 43062 days 2017 341 2 Sabah: Mount Alab, Tambunan [epublished] 1900-01-17 43521 days 2019 74
I am trying to plot a line graph with the doy on the X axis and the amount of entries with the same doy will add to the count, so say there are 100 entries with doy of 74 for 2008, this will have a value of 100 on the Y axis, but I am not sure how to make it count this?
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